• Who is Tommy Kang?

    In a sentence? Tommy Kang is a Brooklyn-born, Asian-American, actor, comedian, writer, and martial artist.


    However, more importantly, Tommy is a bi-coastal binger of television and film. His degree in Film Theory (which Kang humbly refers to as an English degree with no reading) has endowed him with passionately inane opinions on American sitcoms and the films of Ingmar Bergman.


    But, useless degrees aside, Tommy is also a seasoned stand-up comedian who has found himself performing at festivals like SXSW (2016) and SkankFest (2021). But, aside from telling jokes, Tommy's unique experience growing up in his family's martial arts school in Brooklyn, NY compelled him to write, perform, and produce a 30-minute pilot exploiting his own upbringing. His pilot, Taking a Hit peaked on the festival circuit when he won "Best Comedy Actor" at iTV Festival in 2018.


    However, when he's not writing scripts, Tommy also feels it absolutely necessary to violate the zeitgeist with his sketch comedy. His sketch "Edible Sex Doll" was featured on Funny Or Die, and his viral sketch "True Detective Pikachu" (which Kang also starred in) continues to provide nightmare-fuel to internet trolls everywhere. In fact, the creator of Bob's Burgers, Loren Bouchard, even thanked Tommy (via Twitter) for his Bob's Burgers sketch, which Tommy released in panicked-isolation during the height of the Pandemic.


    Fueled by compulsion and fed by anxiety, Tommy Kang hopes to die in front of his television with his laptop open as a blinking cursor taunts him from behind the chilling, blue light of a blank Word document.


    Tommy currently divides his time between New York and LA where he writes, performs, and produces.


    Also, Tommy loves to mention that Jamie Lee Curtis once called him talented on Twitter.

  • Contact Tommy Kang

    Management: Abby Finer - Finer Entertainment

    Commercial Agents: Mickey Shera & Marla Haut - Innovative Artists

    Voiceover Agent: Zack Kaplan - Innovative Artists